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June 15th, 2009

What food would you miss most if you were sent to prison for the rest of your life?
Mom's mashed potatoes.

April 27th, 2009

Monday, April 27th

What food would you miss most if you were sent to prison for the rest of your life?

OMG! I forgot about my live journal. It's still a little confusing to me. Just like my facebook and twitter. If it's not MySpace, then I don't get it.

I'm sitting on my couch right now watching House. It's pretty good. I'm also trying to do my homework. Ap Bio is hard! It's 8:30 PM right now, and I planned on being in bed by 9:00. I have not been getting enough sleep lately. I'm even starting to get little dark things under my eyes. Though it's very attractive, I'd rather not have them. I just now decided to get ready for bed right after I write this post.

Just to write something interesting? Here is my day:
Wake up at 5:50am. Get out of bed at 6:05am. Grab a poptart. Turn on the morning news. Find out that Walled Lake WESTERN is closed! Not Walled Lake Central, of course. We always have school. It's been storming. Western lost power. I get ready and go to school at 7:00am.

First hour is Physics. We take a vocab test. I guess on 75% of the questions. Second hour is AP Biology. Everyone takes notes. I study for my next vocab test. Third hour is college writing. We take the vocab test. I know every question. We get our next writing assignment. Fourth hour is US History. We watch a movie, "The 60s." A kid goes to Vietnam in the movie. It scares me. I've been considering enlisting. Fifth hour is Anatomy. My favorite class. We skin cats. I am probably the only one who actually had fun doing it. My friends call me creepy. Lunch before sixth hour. I buy a salad. Sixth hour is AP Literature. We start a new book. He has us read the first chapter out loud. I put my head down when he looks for a new reader. It makes me nervous. Seventh hour is Pre Calc. We review. I spend the hour texting people and pretend that I'm listening to the teacher. 2:19pm school gets out. I cash my check. I watch some of Baby Mama. I run 4 miles. I watch Ellen DeGeneres. I get hungry and eat 4 oreos. i feel sick after. Mom comes home and makes dinner. I eat that too. I'm incredibly full. I start homework. Then House comes on. Commercial breaks I surf the web. I remember Live Journal. I still have homework.

April 2nd, 2009


First post- yay!
A little about myself:
I LOVE The Office. Jim and Pam mostly <3. Pam Beesly is my hero, role model, and best friend. This show is my oxygen. If this show ever goes off the air; and if someone ever breaks into my home and steals all of my Office DVDs and merchandise; I will, quite literally, suffocate.
+ The few sports I play are the following: tennis, snowboarding, track, and cross country. I miss cross country the most. It is the best sport, ever. That's a fact. Also, I'm about to write a research paper on the definition of Cross Country. It will be interesting.  Now that high school is coming to an end, and I have finished playing sports, I am still running and working out at the gym more. I love the high that it gives me.
+ I love animals, so much. I became a vegetarian -- before it was cool. I do it for the animals, the environment, and my body. So many people are convinced that vegetarianism is unhealthy. I plan to change their lives by showing them how healthy it actually is, and makes you skinny -- if you eat right! (No junk food)
+ My political views: Against abortion/embryonic stem cell research; Against animal cruelty; Against Gun Control; FOR Gay Marriage.
+ I love shopping, drinking, hanging out with friends, road trips, tanning at the beach, jetskiing, (obviously I love the summer), and reading. I enjoy discussing and analyzing books, movies, and TV shows. (Especially The Office, of course).

I feel that is enough information for the very first post.

Evidence of the new green polish and braclets.
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